Intermediate Grading Policy

During the past two years a task force representing the three Intermediate schools have put together a rationale and grading system in order to align the grading policy across the district. In this way students would be given the guarantee that should they move between schools their work would be judged equally. For the next two years their will be a “study period” of this new system. In the fall of 2012 there would be a full adoption of the policy by the Board of Trustees.

Starting in the fall of 2010 the grading scale will include plus and minus symbols. Grade points will be calculated as described in the Grade Scale Table. The decision was made that grades need to be posted within a minimum of one week of the due date. Every “D” or “F” given was to have a comment that will give the student a positive action to improve. Student Aides were to receive a “pass” or “no pass” but no grade was to be attached. Grade close unilaterally on a specific date and a three day window would finalize the grade. There would be a report send immediately on the closure date. Teachers cannot manually change a grade after the three day window.

Weighting: Tests, Quiz, and projects, along with “in class work” would be 80% of the grade. Homework will count for no more than 20% of the grade. There is no behavior grade or attendance grading. It was also stated that there would be specific suggestions made on the report card that would give the student direction as to what they can do to improve their grades. For example: If Terry would improve the grammar quizes and proof read her in class writing assignments, especially the tenses of verbs, she would find her grade would improve." The purpose is to give the students hope and specific actions in how to improve their grades and a chance at college entrance. We would give a “no mark” for students who are in the system for 10 days or less. If a student does not do the work then the teacher would put a “zero”. Another way to handle missing work is for a teacher to put an “M”. An Incomplete must be made up within two weeks. The Incomplete may only be changed by the teacher, not an administrator or counselor. The following is a graphic of the grading system for a six week Infinite Campus gives anautomatic semester grade. This proces will be reviewed and adjustments will be made ruing the two year study period. ”.