Monday, August 23rd is the First Day of School

School begins promptly at 8:10am. Students should plan to arrive around 7:45am and look at one of the many class lists posted around campus. Students will locate their names by grade level and in alphabetical order by last name to see the room number and name of the teacher they will report to for their schedules. Students are to report to to that teacher's room prior to the bell ringing at 8:10. There, teachers will give students their schedules and go over room locations and first day procedures. On their schedule, students will note their student ID numbers which they will need in order to purchase lunch. When the bell rings at 8:25, students will report to their 1st period teacher according to their schedule.

Teachers will also hand out DISTRICT STUDENT HANDBOOKS (green) and DAVIS STUDENT ASSIGNMENT BOOKS (red) at this time. . Students and parents will need to review this hand book for school rules, dress codes, and other important information. There are forms that need to be signed and returned as well. This handbook needs to be brought to school daily as it is the Student Assignment Handbook that all students are required to use in order to keep track of due dates and assignments.

During this first week students will receive several forms and sign-up sheets, so make sure to check in daily with your child to see what may need to be signed. All students will also receive a DISTRICT HANDBOOK (green) that includes an Internet Use form which will need to be signed and returned to the student's period 1 teacher.

School dismissal as always will be at 2:32pm and students will need to be off campus by 2:45.

We look forward to see everyone on Monday, August 23rd!