*Adjustments may be made throughout the school year if necessary. For health and safety reasons, as well as to help students focus on learning, students shall dress appropriately for daily attendance at school. Dress guidelines are established to eliminate problems that can occur with the selection of certain styles and colors. The type and style of clothing, make-up, and hair styles are individual; however, they must meet established school guidelines so that they will not cause disruption, distraction, or be unsafe. Clothing or hair coloring (any color that is not a natural color) that detracts from the educational environment will not be allowed. No shades of red or blue woven into hair.

The following items are not allowed:
No camouflage clothing of any kind including hats and backpacks.

(1) Garments where the torso or undergarments are inappropriately exposed (tube tops, half shirts, halters, tank tops, and spaghetti shirts/blouses or dresses), steel toed shoes or boots. Overalls with bibs and suspenders must have suspenders/bibs worn up at all times.

(2) Clothing, hats, or buttons which show obscene words or pictures, profanity, suggestive or double meaning statements, or substances illegal to juveniles, e.g. tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. Inappropriate punk rock, metal rock, or alternative music T-shirts will not be allowed at school.

(3) Skirts/shorts/slits in skirts cannot be shorter than 5 inches above the top of the knee or they must pass the fingertip rule. Skirts/shorts cannot be shorter than the end of the fingertip when the arm is extended down the side of the body. Short shorts/skirts with leggings are not allowed.

(4) Bathing suits, biking shorts, physical education clothing, jogging shorts, and clinging or tansparent attire.

(5) Head coverings except as announced on school spirit or activity days or for medical/religious reasons. Hair ornaments in red or blue are not allowed (i.e.:scrunchies). Under a new law, students at California public schools will be allowed to wear sun-shielding clothing - including hats or caps - when outside (including P.E.).
  • No red, royal blue. navy, maroon, or burgundy colored caps or hats
  • No gang related insignia or writing
  • No obscene words, profanity, double meaning words/phrases, no advertisements for substances illegal to minors
  • Since the object of the law is to shield from the sun, caps/hats must have a brim and that brim must be worn forward to shield the face. (i.e.:baseball
type caps.) No Skull Caps.
  • Sweater caps allowed ONLY durning inclement weather.

(6) Slippers or flip flops are not allowed. Shoes must have a sturdy sole and sandals must be attached with a strap at the heel.

(7) Wallets with chains attached are not allowed.

(8) Pajama tops or bottoms are not allowed except during a spirit day that allows them.

(9) Clothing or paraphernalia associated with gangs, the gang life-style, or gang related activities including, but not limited to:
  • Solid and/or predominant colors of red, maroon, burgundy, or navy/royal blue will not be allowed.
  • Bandanas, comedy/tragedy masks or "homie-like" gang members displayed on shirts
  • No flagging or flashing is allowed. Ii.e.: extra long belts - any color/any shirts.
  • Tennis shoes which are predominately navy/royal blue, red or maroon, including tongues and laces.
  • No Cortez tennis shoes.
  • Numbers 13 or 14 on jewelry, shoes, or clothing are not allowed.
  • Any jewelry or accessories related to or predicting any gang related association.
  • Any gang colors worn under shirts or undergarments.
  • No clothing/hats with Sharks logos.
  • No Bay Area/NorCal clothing, nothing with area codes/Cali, San Jose City, Nor Cal Star.
  • Hoods are to be worn only during inclement weather.
  • Extreme sagging or bagging: Students must wear pants at the waist or top of the hipbone level. Pants should be able to stay up without a belt.
  • Pants should be worn with a belt. Belts cannot be red, royal blue/navy or maroon in color or contain a buckle with letters other than the student's own initials.
  • No collars or other jewelry with studs, spikes or heavy chained jewelry.
  • Items of clothing, backpacks, book covers, etc. that have any writings, markings, or insignias that are gang related are prohibited.
  • Any other symbols, clothing, colors, hair coloring or style of dress that would lead a school administrator to reasonably conclude that it endorses the gang life style or inappropriate life-styles will be prohibited.
  • No khaki shorts with socks pulled up to the knees.
  • No red, maroon, burgundy, navy blue, royal blue or camouflage backpacks.
  • No tattoos or body art are allowed because of safety and distracting the instructional process.
Judgement regarding appropriate school dress and grooming is necessary. Student school attire will be checked by staff and administrators. Any attire or grooming habits deemed inappropriate will be brought to the attention of the parents and the attire must be corrected or changed. Students may be required to wear physical education clothing or loaners for the remainder of the school day if a parent is not availbale and the inappropriate clothing cannot be corrected or changed. Students will have red, burgundy, maroon, royal/navy blue, or camouflage clothing confiscated for parents to pick up.