Daily school attendance is vital to a student’s academic progress. Unless a student is seriously ill, the student needs to be in school. Please schedule medical and dental appointments before or after school hours. If this is not possible, arrange for your child to attend school prior to and after the appointment. Please note that vacationing while school is in session, remaining at home to care for younger siblings, missing a school bus, etc. interfere with education and are not excused absences.


*Students must be in class on time, ready to work.
Tardy to School:
  • Students who arrive at school after the tardy bell must report to the attendance office for an admit slip.
  • Tardies in excess of 30 minutes fall under truant classification. (see District Handbook, p. 5)
  • Students receiving 3 or more tardies will be referred to the Safe School Specialists. Students with excessive tardies may be assigned detention, community service, Friday School, a SARB (Student Attendance Review Board) referral, a parent conference and/or loss of school activity privilege.
Tardy to Class:
  • Student must be in his/her assigned seat in the classroom when the bell rings.
  • Student will face teacher consequences for the first four tardies to a class in a semester.
  • Upon the 4th tardy parents will be notified.
  • Upon the 5th tardy a referral will be made to the office and Friday School assigned.
  • If a student receives 7 tardies in a semester, a parent conference will be held to discuss remediation of the problem.
  • A little late is too late!